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Does fear of public speaking keep you awake at night?

Your manager expects a presentation from YOU to promote the company.

You’ve been asked to run a workshop – you want it to be effective.

A friend request – “Can you give a speech at my wedding?”

You have the knowledge and talent.

SPEAK TECHNIQUE will provide the tips and tools.

All those eyes staring at me

The silence in the room except for my quivering voice. I was tongue-tied.

The first time I found myself in this uncomfortable situation was at a meeting where I had to introduce myself. As the introductions went around the table, and it got closer and closer for my turn to speak, my hands were clasped under the table to stop shaking. My heart was pounding. When I finally spoke, my voice came out a shaky whisper.

The good news is public speaking is an art that can be learned!

Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

When I started my writing career in 2008, I was determined to share my words with the world. This desire gave me the courage to conquer my fear of public speaking. I learned to express myself and engage my audience to ensure they would remember my message. At first it was all about the words until I realized in order to really make an impact, it also had to be about the performance using vocal variety, gestures, facial expression, movement, etc.
I am now a skilled professional at writing and presenting and started my business Speak Technique to help you do the same. The services offered through Speak Technique are many. Get In Touch!

Add Humour and Storytelling

We will work together to edit your writing and staging to ensure a dynamic presentation that will have your audience applauding for more! As a published author,I specialize in adding storytelling and humour to your speech, guaranteed to have your audience hooked. No more snore and bore where’s the door presentations!

If I Can Do It

  • Certified World Class Speaking Coach
  • Received Brant Toastmaster of the Year Award (2017)
  • Received Toastmasters International Advanced Communicator Silver Award
  • Competitor in Toastmasters International Speech Contests
  • Competitor in Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contests (District Levels)
  • Four-time competitor at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word
  • Present workshops at various companies and events across Ontario
  • Member and past President of the Cambridge Writer’s Collective
  • Mohawk College Writing for Publication certification
  • Published author

    You Can Do It

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You want it to happen. You wish it would happen. Make it happen!

Barb Day engages her audience with spoken word that reflects the human experience and evokes from listeners the full range of emotions from peals of laughter to the shared sorrow of life and learning. She has an intuitive ability to adapt her presentations to reflect the audience community and ensure spontaneous interaction and participation in her work.

Sandra SydorCoordinator of Marketing & Outreach, Idea Exchange, Cambridge, ON

When hosting a public event we are looking to leave a lasting impression upon our participants. The City of Brantford Housing Dept. celebrated its annual Housing Forum with a focus on homelessness initiatives, embracing healthy communities and the construction of new affordable housing units. That audience lasting impression was created by Barb Day in her spoken word message. Barb Day spoke to the audience with the ease of an experienced professional. The message she provided helped the audience to experience the depth of homelessness and how it impacts all aspects of a person’s life. The spoken word is an art and highly impactful when delivered by a professional such as Barb Day. Without hesitation, I recommend that you schedule her for your next event.

Deborah FiliceChief Executive Officer, Haldimand Norfolk Housing Corporation

Thanks Barb for your fabulous coaching while I was preparing for our club’s Toastmasters’ International Speech Contest. Under your tutelage, I greatly improved my vocal variety, tone, hand gestures, and body language while I was presenting. In particular, your suggestions helped me to ‘step out of my comfort zone’ to act out my story and make it come alive.
My public speaking skill and confidence has risen to a whole new level. Now, I look forward with excitement to giving my next speech.
You are awesome! I can’t wait to work with you again.

Catherine CrouseVP of Education, Brant Toastmasters

"One seed can start a garden, one conversation can spark an idea."

After just one conversation with Barb, her friendly and encouraging words inspired me to step on a stage to tell a personal family story. I am usually reserved, and after a few sessions of Barb's thoughtful and motivating advice, she showed me how to bring the story to life! Most especially, Barb helped me to break out of my shell, find my true voice (which is much louder than I thought!) and helped me achieve a long-time public speaking goal: to share my parent's remarkable life story to a wider audience! I know that this newfound confidence and stronger speaking voice will help me in both my personal and professional life.

Tara TranSenior Policy Planner, Corporation of the City of Brantford

Barb is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable speech coach. With her assistance, I was able to incorporate humour and excitement into my presentation. In just a few sessions with Barb, her encouragement and support greatly improved my speech, as well as my confidence on stage.

Dianne HolmesOperations Manager, DriverCheck